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Eva Green in Penny Dreadful

Eva Green in Penny Dreadful

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"To be beautiful is to be almost dead, isn’t it? The lassitude of the perfect woman, the languid ease. The obeisance. Spirit trained, anemic, pale as ivory and weak as a kitten. There’s a brisk trade for photographs of dead women, did you know that? In certain quarters, corpses are improved with cosmetics and posed in postures of abject surrender, and photographed."
— Vanessa Ives (via sapiosexual-musings)
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"If you can’t like Captain America anymore because he’s black, there’s a word for that."
Dean Trippe (via t1mco)
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If I had to pick one word… They are prismatic. They are every single color known, they are all shades of every color, every emotion, every genre. They can be the darkest shadows, get into your eeriest nights, be as black and white as that lone domino that’s been stuck under your bed since your…

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♡ All good things here! ♡

♡ All good things here! ♡

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the only plausible reaction to Alexander Skarsgard


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"I’m still here, Sookie."
— Eric fucking Northman crushing the hearts of the sooric fandom. (via bellarke-x)
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Tara Buck/Ginger saying Good-Bye the only way she knows how to her fans!

volume down or UP…if you dare… (>‿♥)

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"You can’t  d  i  e  on me.” 

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